Full funnel Analytics

Unlock the power of full funnel marketing analytics

Optimize your marketing investments and drive growth with a comprehensive, data-driven understanding of your customer journey from awareness to conversion.

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Key benefits

Eliminate blind spots
in B2B marketing

Gain complete visibility & insights into your marketing performance across the entire funnel, empowering data-driven decisions and optimized ROI

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Sales & Marketing Alignment

Break data silos and align your marketing & sales teams for a unified approach to customer engagement

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Personalized Marketing

Use Full Funnel Attribution to tailor messaging, enhance engagement and drive conversions.

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Minimize Lead Loss

Identify leakage points and optimize touchpoints to maximize conversions and revenue.

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Cross/Up Selling

Uncover opportunities for targeted cross-selling and upselling to boost revenue and loyalty.

Marketing Automation Services

Sales Cycle Optimization

Streamline sales processes, reduce bottlenecks and increase efficiency for higher revenue.

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Seasonality Insights

Understand seasonal trends to align strategies, optimize budget and drive better results.

How It Works

Attribution path unfolded


In-Depth Analysis

We assess your website's current performance and identify areas for improvement.

Strategic Planning

Our team develops a customized B2B SEO plan aligned with your unique business goals.



We execute the tailored SEO strategy, optimizing your website's technical aspects and content.


Monitoring & Reporting

Track progress with regular reports and ongoing adjustments to keep your website at peak performance.


Comprehensive data consolidation

Our journey begins with gathering and integrating data from various marketing platforms and touchpoints. This first crucial step allows us to create a holistic, 360-degree view of your marketing performance, thereby helping us identify trends, insights and improvement areas.

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Customized attribution modeling

Once we have a consolidated dataset, our team works on developing custom attribution models. These are tailored meticulously to your business needs and objectives. Our goal is to assign accurate credit to each marketing channel, ensuring fair evaluation of all your marketing efforts.

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Insightful analysis & actions

Armed with comprehensive data and custom models, we delve into deep analysis. Our objective is to uncover actionable insights that you can immediately implement. We help identify untapped opportunities for growth and provide strategic recommendations to optimize your marketing investments.

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Ongoing monitoring & adjustments

Post-implementation, we continue to monitor your full-funnel data, ensuring the implemented changes are driving the desired results. Based on the ongoing monitoring, we make necessary adjustments to keep your marketing strategies aligned with your evolving business goals.

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Continuous support & learning

We understand that marketing dynamics are always in flux. Hence, we stand with you in a continuous learning and support role, ensuring your Full Funnel Attribution strategy remains relevant and effective in the face of changing market trends and business objectives.

Case Studies

The results speak for themselves

Dive into our case studies to understand how our tailored digital marketing solutions have positively impacted various B2B businesses and their growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions?
We've got answers.


What is Full Funnel Analytics and how can it benefit my business?

Full Funnel Analytics offers a complete view of your customer journey by integrating three critical datasets: pre-website visit, post-website visit and post-conversion data. The integration of these datasets empowers businesses with comprehensive insights for informed decision-making, uncovering new campaign opportunities and maximizing conversions and revenue.


How can Full Funnel Analytics help in improving lead generation and conversion rates?

Full Funnel Analytics identifies customer touchpoints and optimizes them to boost conversions. It uncovers cross-selling and upselling opportunities and helps in streamlining sales processes. With holistic insights, businesses can tailor messaging and enhance customer engagement, driving higher conversion rates.


What role does Target Edge play in implementing Full Funnel Analytics for businesses?

Target Edge plays a vital role in breaking data silos and providing a comprehensive view of the customer journey. We extract and integrate data from varied marketing channels, user behaviour analytics tools and CRM platforms. We offer real-time dashboards and customized reports to provide actionable insights.


How does Full Funnel Analytics help in optimizing marketing spend and maximizing ROI?

With Full Funnel Analytics, businesses can understand campaign performance at a granular level. It enables the identification of high-performing campaigns and channels, facilitating the reallocation of marketing spend for maximized ROI.


Can Full Funnel Analytics assist in improving customer experience and loyalty?

Full Funnel Analytics helps businesses understand their customers better by tracking and analyzing the entire customer journey. It aids in creating personalized experiences, which enhances customer satisfaction, fosters loyalty and promotes customer retention.


What outcomes can businesses expect from implementing Full Funnel Analytics with Target Edge?

Businesses can expect improved decision-making, greater marketing ROI, increased conversions, and enhanced customer experience. Full Funnel Analytics with Target Edge also helps uncover new campaign opportunities and streamlines sales processes for higher revenue.


Can Full Funnel Analytics help businesses identify areas for process improvement and streamline operations?

Absolutely. Full Funnel Analytics can highlight bottlenecks in your sales processes, allowing for necessary improvements. By streamlining these processes, you can increase efficiency and maximize revenue.


How can Full Funnel Analytics support data-driven decision-making and strategic planning?

Full Funnel Analytics offers a comprehensive view of customer journeys, providing actionable insights that drive informed decisions. It empowers strategic planning by revealing trends, campaign performance and opportunities for optimization.


How can Full Funnel Analytics help in optimizing marketing attribution and understanding the customer journey?

Full Funnel Analytics illuminates the customer journey end-to-end, identifying the role each marketing channel plays in conversions. This empowers businesses with Full Funnel Attribution insights, aiding them in optimizing channel performance, refining messaging and fostering robust customer engagement.