How we helped in reigniting legacy, building awareness and driving ROI for a century old company

How we helped in reigniting legacy, building awareness and driving ROI for a century old company

Transforming a century-old fragrance and flavor company's digital presence to generate brand awareness, build a community and drive ROI.

How we helped in reigniting legacy, building awareness and driving ROI for a century old company
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YoY increase in organic sessions
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People strong community built

Project Overview

About the client

The company was established in 1922, is a subsidiary of a well-known multinational corporation that specializes in creating fragrances, flavors and aroma ingredients. They are experts in crafting the flavors that form the foundation of numerous successful food and beverage brands worldwide.

Problem statement

Despite being in existence for a century, the company was facing a challenge of low brand recall among the newer generation of stakeholders. To overcome this, the client sought to establish a stronger digital presence. The client was referred to Target Edge and has been working with them for more than four years. Initially, the client approached Target Edge with the following challenges:

  • Creating strong Brand Awareness
  • Build a community around the brand
  • Generate leads that can translate into ROI

Project Execution


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We deployed a keyword mapping strategy that involved categorizing relevant keywords by user intent and developing customized content for each category. For example, blog posts were optimized for keywords indicating users' intent to seek information, while product and service pages were tailored for keywords indicating commercial intent. To further reinforce this approach, we executed various off-page activities based on the same keyword categorization.

Search Engine Marketing (PPC)

We implemented a strategic three-tiered campaign approach, comprised of Top, Mid and Bottom-level-funnel initiatives. Each campaign was tailored to achieve specific objectives and featured unique messaging and targeted keywords. This approach successfully guided users towards the bottom of the funnel, leading to increased conversions. Meanwhile, we also utilized remarketing campaigns to effectively re-engage with users who had dropped off the funnel and keep them engaged with the brand.

Social Media

After conducting a comprehensive audit of the audience's interests and engagement patterns, we formulated a content strategy that covers a variety of subjects, including the brand, its CSR efforts, services, legacy and employer branding. Our efforts paid off as we were able to build a wide and engaged community organically.

Solution overview

  1. Audience Research : We initiated our audience research by creating personas, which helped us identify and understand our target audience. By analyzing their preferences, digital habits, content consumption patterns, and other relevant information, we gained valuable insights into our viewers' characteristics and needs.
  2. Strategy: After analyzing the initial audience research, we crafted a comprehensive strategy for our social media handles, SEO and SEM. To cater to the diverse audience demographics on each platform, we created tailored content to appeal to the specific characteristics and interests of our viewers on each channel.
  3. Preparation: At the onset of the project, we initiated the setup process by performing essential hygiene activities such as integrating various platforms, configuring the measurement & user behavior layer and establishing seamless communication between them. This helped us streamline our operations and ensure that all platforms were functioning cohesively towards achieving our objectives.
  4. Community Building: We adopted a community-centric approach on social media, which entailed providing valuable content to our audience to build their trust and loyalty. Our primary objective was to create engagement by sharing relevant content that catered to their interests and preferences, which helped us foster a strong connection with them.
  5. Niche lead generation: To kickstart our lead generation efforts, we started a highly focused and niche-specific approach on Google Search to optimize the lead generation process and attract potential customers most likely to convert.
  6. Search Visibility: Our strategy was multi-phased, with the initial phase focusing on eliminating technical issues on the website to optimize Google crawling efficiency and then conduct ongoing on-page and off-page optimization efforts to enhance the website's search engine ranking and visibility.

Project Results


Since partnering with Target Edge, the client sees most website visitors coming from organic search, and they’ve increased conversions and contact form submissions, while maximizing their marketing spend ROI. Teaming up with us, the client has witnessed the following positive developments: