Customized digital approach for global research & analytics company

Customized digital approach for global research & analytics company

Partnering with a global research and analytics company to attract and engage enterprises, driving sustainability and growth through customized digital strategies.

Customized digital approach for global research & analytics company
Research and Analytics
Result 1
Average rate of form fills to SQL
Result 2
Increase in total organic traffic

Project Overview

About the Client

The client is a worldwide research and analytics company that offers tailored outsourced solutions for equity and investment research, market and business research, as well as valuation services such as 409 appraisals and intellectual property research.


Sustainability and Growth

As a reliable research and advisory partner for more than 2,000 companies, our client sought a partner to assist them in attracting and engaging with enterprises on their Named Account list and expanding their reach.

Campaign Approach and Strategy

We implemented a personalized approach across multiple digital touchpoints to effectively engage with prospects throughout their buying journey. Our objective was to establish and maintain connections with potential clients at every stage of their decision-making process.

Project Execution


Framework & Targeted Accounts
1. ABM Framework
  • Attract potential clients
  • Engage and nurture lead
  • Convert prospects into customers
2. Identify Target Accounts
  • Focus on key accounts
  • Profile key account targets
  • Collect firmographic data and define targeted segments
Presale Targeting & Segmentation
3. Presale Targeting
  • Ran awareness campaign
  • Drive interest-based campaigns
4. Segmentation of identified visitors
  • De-anonymized website visitors
  • Refined visitor data 
  • Created targeted buckets for identified ABM accounts based on their interests, geographical location, and firmographic data.
Resources and Retargeting
5. Customized Resources for Campaign
  • Targeted banners for ads
  • Landing pages
  • Videos, Testimonials, Offer Pages etc.
6. Retargeting to retain Interest
  • Set remarketing campaigns
  • Refine segmented buckets
  • Retargeting
  • Nurture the prospects till conversion
ABM Actionables
7. ABM Actionables
  • Extensive Research on key profiles
  • Identified geo-location of key accounts
  • Deploy key accounts to marketing platform
  • Create key accounts profiles based ads
  • Monitor key account visits and behaviour
  • Ongoing tracking and reporting
Campaign Set up
8. Campaign Setup on Marketing Platform
  • Campaign set-up
  • Integration (GA, AdWords, GSC, etc.)
  • Campaign Management
  • Remarketing Set up and Optimization
  • Goal set up in GA
  • In-depth research & keyword analysis
  • Keyword shortlisting
  • Media Display Planning & Implementation
  • Setup unique tracking tags for each ad
  • Ongoing bid & campaign management
  • Reporting
Web Assets & Measurement
9. Website Assets
  • Available content assets
  • Content driven ads
  • Content Marketing
  • Ongoing engagement tracking and reports
10. Measure, Optimize and Scale
  • Measure impact of campaigns
  • Further optimize campaigns and messaging based on analytics
  • Identify similar prospects to create new targeting buckets and scale

Project Results

Performance Snapshot