A large datacenter player achieved 8x traffic and 20x lead growth within 1 year

A large datacenter player achieved 8x traffic and 20x lead growth within 1 year

Enhancing online visibility, drive cost-effective leads through a powerful PPC campaign with a results-oriented approach.

A large datacenter player achieved 8x traffic and 20x lead growth within 1 year
Paid Search, Paid Display
IT & Cloud solution provider
Result 1
Highly targeted visitors
Result 2
Increased lead generation

Project Overview

About the Client

The client, headquartered in Mumbai, is a leading provider of Managed Hosting and Multi-Cloud Hybrid IT solutions, serving over 2000 enterprises globally. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the largest telecommunications company in Japan and ranks among the largest telecommunications companies worldwide.


  1. Our objective was to enhance the visibility of our client's website.
  2. We aimed to generate cost-effective and qualified business leads for the client.
  3. Despite being a prominent leader in India, the client was not achieving desired results in online marketing and lead generation.
  4. With rising competition among other players, time was running out for the client.
  5. Our team explored a solution through PPC that could complement the client's offline marketing efforts.

Project Execution


  1. Focused on developing a comprehensive PPC and display advertising strategy.
  2. We conducted extensive research on competitors and relevant keywords to inform our approach.
  3. Our efforts included setting up PPC campaigns, developing display advertising creative, and crafting ad copy.
  4. We also performed landing page deployment and testing, along with conducting quality score and performance audits.
  5. Actively managed bids and optimized the campaigns based on analytics-driven ROI analysis.


Digital Strategy 
  1. Launching Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Display Advertising campaigns, while managing them closely.
  2. Gathering visitor data to perform a thorough analysis and gain valuable insights.
  3. Implementing lead generation tactics to improve conversion rates and generate qualified business leads.
Step #1:  We employed various tactics on a weekly/monthly basis to enhance Ad relevance, average position, CTR and other key metrics, including:
  • AB Testing Ads: Our strategy involved utilizing the latest platforms and systems to conduct split-tests and determine the winning ad that would have the greatest impact on the bottom line. This approach proved highly effective in achieving our goals.
Step #2: Negative Keywords
  • To optimize the profitability of our PPC campaigns, we recognized the significance of negative keywords. We used several tools and techniques to identify negative keywords for each campaign in the PPC accounts.
  • This approach enabled us to eliminate wasted search traffic, resulting in significant cost savings for our client, amounting to thousands of dollars per month.
Step #3: Increasing Keyword Quality Score
  • Our team's efforts in aligning the keywords with the appropriate landing page and ad copies proved successful in enhancing the keyword quality score.
  • This, in turn, helped us to improve the ad position and lower the Cost Per Click (CPC).
Step #4: Landing Page Testing
  • Following a collaborative brainstorming session with the client, we developed a modified version of an existing landing page to leverage the potential of the new campaign.
  • This initiative yielded a significant increase in the conversion rate, enabling us to bid more per keyword and substantially enhance the account's profitability.

Project Results

Campaign Outcome

  1. Prior to working with Target Edge, the client received roughly 1000 monthly visitors. However, through our partnership, the numbers increased to 5,000 highly targeted visitors and reached up to 8,000 visitors during an aggressive campaign period.
  2. Lead generation witnessed a steady 10% monthly growth, while maintaining a lower Cost Per Click (CPC).
  3. Target Edge's expertise assisted the client in securing partnerships with several large enterprises on their target list.