1800+ leads generated, Bounce rate reduced by 50% for the largest mobile engagement provider

1800+ leads generated, Bounce rate reduced by 50% for the largest mobile engagement provider

Through strategic PPC & SEO initiatives, we drove significant improvements for a leading mobile communications provider, generating over 1800 leads & reducing the bounce rate by 50%

1800+ leads generated, Bounce rate reduced by 50% for the largest mobile engagement provider
Pay Per Click (PPC), Lead Generation
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Leads generated
Result 2
Reduction in bounce rate

Project Overview

About the Client

With over 18 years of experience, the client is a prominent player in communication sector, possessing deep industry expertise in mobile engagement and serving clients across 150+ countries. Recently, the company underwent rebranding initiative an launched two new websites to cater to different segments of their target audience.

Their primary focus groups were:

  1. Businesses that leverage their services to engage with their customers.
  2. Mobile App developers seeking to integrate the SMS API to streamline their development efforts.


  1. The core objective is to increase the website's online visibility and presence in both the domestic Indian market and global markets.
  2. Strategically target and engage with the prioritized audience segments worldwide, as per the client's preferences.
  3. The key goal is to capture and retain market share in fiercely competitive regions such as North America, Europe and Southeast Asia.
  4. The focus is also to optimize the number of online registrations from app developers by showcasing the benefits of the client's SMS API for streamlining their development efforts.


Our main aim was to maximize sign-ups from our targeted pool of developers. To achieve this, we implemented various strategies such as optimizing the landing pages tailored to their needs and integrating Adwords, Google Analytics and CRM seamlessly to capture conversion data accurately. The ultimate goal was to improve the overall conversion rate and gain valuable insights to help us refine our marketing approach.

We improved the client's PPC campaign by organizing campaigns and sub-campaigns that targeted various types of keywords, including branded, competition, generic, programming language-specific and use-case specific keywords. Our approach allowed us to tailor each campaign to the target audience's specific needs and optimize for maximum impact.

Project Execution


The solution included:

  • PPC and display advertising strategy
  • Conducting Quality score and performance audits
  • Bid management and optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Analytics
Ongoing Account Management

We were focused on driving targeted traffic, improving the client's profitability. By adapting our approach to market changes, we maintained a high level of performance and delivered sustained results, helping the client achieve their business objectives.

Step #1 Split-Testing Ads

We utilized a systematic approach to continually test new ad copy and identify the best performer based on its contribution to the bottom line. This effective strategy consistently beat previous successes and helped improve the client's overall performance.

Step #2 Negative Keywords

Our PPC campaign optimization strategy involved a rigorous approach to identifying and implementing negative keywords. By carefully selecting them for each campaign, we were able to eliminate irrelevant search traffic and save our client thousands of dollars each month. This critical step helped us maximize the profitability of the client's PPC campaign and contributed to the overall success of the project.

Step #3 Landing Page Testing

As part of our strategy, we collaborated with the client to develop a new landing page variation that leveraged a new promotion. Through rigorous testing, we observed a substantial increase in conversion rates, which in turn improved the user experience and reduced bounce rates. Our commitment to continuous improvement and optimization allowed us to deliver exceptional results for the client.

Step #4 Quality Score

Our approach involved consistently driving traffic with highly relevant keywords and placements, which resulted in a noticeable improvement in the quality score of the keywords. By doing so, we were able to significantly reduce the cost per click (CPC) on each keyword, allowing us to maximize the client's budget by attracting more quality visitors to their website.

Project Results

Since partnering with Target Edge, the client increased conversions and contact form submissions, while maximizing their marketing spend ROI. Working with us, they’ve seen: