PHP Developer

A PHP developer who will be responsible for writing server-side web application logic.

Andheri, Mumbai
Full time

A PHP developer who will be responsible for writing server-side web application logic. The developer will usually develop back-end components, connect the application with other (often third-party) webservices, and support the front-end developers by integrating their work with the application. They will often require to develop and integrate plugins for certain popular frameworks.

In this role  our new team member will….

➢   Develop well-designed & structured websites and web-based applications by understanding the proper flow.

➢   Understand the client requirements and translate the requirements into website-specific solutions

➢   Regularly communicate with the Project Manager and give regular updates about the projects.

➢   The candidate must be able to deliver any kind of web application without fail.

➢   Candidate must be able to make the entire flow with the help of the flow chart, wireframes, etc. as per the client's requirement

➢   Begiving regular feedback to the client about the progress of projects.

➢   Be tracking of all the project modules & checking if all the project modules are in their timelines or not.

➢   Perform all the requirements necessary to support and optimize the website &applications

➢   Ability to work well individually or in a group setting, and under pressure and time constraints.

➢   Ability to work independently to make end-to-end web applications from scratch upto deployment.

➢   Perform disaster recovery management steps for any kind of web application.

➢   Perform all the security steps in order to avoid any kind of vulnerability / malicious/ hacking of the web application.

➢   Provide ideas to make the user experience web applications.

➢   Closely work with the Front end developers to deliver effective and user-friendly applications, for Web Applications.

➢   Contribute to continual improvement by suggesting improvements to a user interface or new technologies.

➢   Perform troubleshooting steps, if any, in the phase of implementation, customization and configuration.

➢   Communicate with the client by email OR on call.

We expect the team member to…

 ➢   Be user-friendly with all team members and able to maintain a friendly environment.

➢   Have experience in PHP technology with one of the frameworks like Codeigniter / Laravel etc.

➢   Have experience in Database technologies like SQL, MySQL, etc.

➢   Have knowledge of the core web vitals.

➢   Have good knowledge of Front end technologies like HTML, CSS, Bootstrap.

➢   Have knowledge of the server environment like windows, Linux, etc for deploying the websites and applications.

➢   Have experience in the integration of API.

➢   Have the skills to test & assure the quality of the websites and applications to meet the client’s needs.

➢   Have security related skills in order to avoid any kind of vulnerability / malicious / hacking of the web applications.

We would love to hear from you if you also know…

 ➢   AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud

➢   React & Node.js

➢   CMS like WordPress


Preferred Qualification:

 ➢   Passion for web development


What’s cool about this job?

⮚     A fun place to work at

⮚     Infinite learning opportunities

⮚     Healthy and happy working environment



What will you bring V/s What will you get:

 ⮚     You will bring in the knowledge, we will give you a great work experience

⮚     You will bring in the hard work, we will give you the required recognition

⮚     You will bring in the passion, we will give you the right opportunity.

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